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    Liz Piper - Founder & CEO, Sprinkle Pop Shop

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    What does it take to consistently profit with Facebook Ads?


    Written by Lucas Lee-Tyson, March 2nd, 2018

    I got started in Facebook Ads as a freelancer. For a while, I was only managing a few hundred dollars in ad spend for a few local companies, with the occasional one-off job here and there. I was getting them decent results, they were happy, and everything was just fine and dandy.

    Then, in what felt like seconds, my entire business changed. A massive eCommerce business approached me and asked me to manage their campaigns. They had just fired their 3rd agency in 2 months and were sick of dealing with them. They wanted me to manage their entire account personally, as an in-house/consultant hybrid.

    To say I was out of my depth would be an understatement. They were spending over $50,000 a month alone, without much to show for it. Their entire Ad account was a mess. 

    Compared to the $200/month budgets I was used to working with, this was going to be an entirely new challenge. So I set out to devour every piece of content related to creating, scaling, and managing profitable Facebook campaigns at high budgets.

    I was like a machine. I’d find something, and implement. Read, test, read, test, rinse and repeat. And it worked. Within the first 2 months I had cut their cost-per-purchase down from ~$100 down to $30, and they were ecstatic. 

    We implemented the changes on their main campaigns, and pretty soon they were back to profitability. In fact, within just 2 months, they were making more money than they ever had from paid traffic. 

    I realized that Facebook Ads, at the elite level, were an entirely different ballgame. I was competing with brands that had millions of dollars at their disposal to out-test, out-bid, and out-optimized at every turn. I knew if I wanted to help my clients succeed, I had to work smarter, not harder.

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