How to spy on your competitor’s entire marketing funnel

Facebook added a feature in June 2018 that allows you to view all active campaigns being run by your competitors on Facebook. To see your competitor’s ads, simply go to their Facebook Page and click on the ‘Info and Ads’ tab on the left side of the screen. Now this is …

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How to run Facebook Ads for high-ticket products and services

Sequential video ad funnels are an incredibly powerful part of Facebook Ads, that utilize video view custom audiences to lead prospects along a journey of ads, designed to educate and inform before ultimately selling them on your product or service. This funnel works amazingly for high-ticket products and services including (but …

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How I set up retargeting campaigns to get a 300% ROI (minimum)

Do you ever get ads for products you looked at on Instagram a few days ago? Or maybe you added something to your cart, didn’t end up purchasing, and now you’re getting ads for a 25% off coupon to complete your purchase. This is the power of retargeting. Retargeting (also called …

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How Specific Should Your Facebook Ad Targeting Be? (Hint: Less Is More)

‘Back in the old days’ of Internet Marketing, the term ‘hyper targeting’ used to be all the rage. The idea that you could perfectly pinpoint your exact customers/users and only show your content to them seemed like a game changer. Unfortunately, the days of laser targeting are over. As ad platforms …

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