An Introduction – From Me to You

Hey there.

My name is Lucas. Growth Cave is my blog focused on PPC marketing.

This blog will focus on my journey as a marketer and as a person. Marketing related posts will be about my 2 main projects: consulting and freelancing for clients, and building affiliate sites, all using PPC platforms. I’ll also be sharing updates on personal growth, development, habits, and the like. There will also be case studies, tips, tricks, and hacks on any strategies that I pick up along the way.

A quick brief on me: I’ve been building online businesses since I was 15 years old. I happened to stumble on BlackHatWorld and was completely drawn in by the idea of being able to make money online. I had my share of successes, as well as failures. Now, 5 years later, I’m starting this blog to document my journey moving forward.


I’ve tried my hand at almost everything when it comes to lead generation in the ‘realm’ of digital marketing. SEO, social media, email marketing, cold outreach, paid syndication, I could go on. I have come to prefer pay-per-click’s business model over others for several reasons.

Near instant feedback

Unlike SEO, syndication, or outreach, which can take weeks, months or even years before you start seeing results, PPC allows you to start seeing results within 24 hours. I have always been an impatient person and PPC helps me feed into my bad habits. 🙂

The caveat of this is, of course, is that the traffic costs money. Unlike SEO, which is essentially free, I have to pay money anytime I want to generate new leads or purchases. But that’s part of the fun. It means I can’t rest on my laurels too much. I always have to be ready, to anticipate any changes that might be coming and adjust accordingly.

Left & Right Brain

I’ve always been a numbers guy, plain and simple. The idea of being able to use this to my advantage for both my own and my clients advantage just makes it that much more interesting.

However, PPC is not just numbers. I would get burnt out from it quite quickly if that was the case. There is still plenty of room to be creative, to try new things and experiment and be surprised at what works.

Lucrative and Growing

Quite simply, I believe the PPC industry is only going to grow more massive than it already is, and at an exponentially faster rate. With huge tech giants like Google and Facebook making upwards of 90% of their revenue from their advertising platforms, it seems advantageous to me to be on top of this trend as it happens.

Additionally, while some may say that the digital marketing niche is becoming saturated with ‘agencies’ all offering the same services, I believe the opportunity is only better for agencies that know what they’re doing. As the number of competitors that enter the industry goes up, so does the numbers of agencies that have no idea what they’re doing, and are delivering sub-par results for their clients.

I still have a long way to go on my journey, but I have seen what sort of ‘work’ the average agency does for their clients. And it’s honestly quite terrifying to see how careless or ignorant they are with thousands of dollars in budget.

What this blog will not be

I have been in the Internet Marketing world for 5 years now and have seen my share of scams. That’s why I will promise to you, reader, that everything you read on this blog is going to be something that I alone have done, and confidently say it works (or doesn’t work). I am not going ton be one of those ‘gurus’ who makes massive claims with nothing to back it up. This blog will be proof my journey.

If this sounds like your type of thing, then great! One of the biggest reasons I’m starting this blog is to reach more likeminded people. I would love to hear from you, what you’re working on, and what your goals are moving forward if this sounds like you. You can reach me directly at lucas@growthcave.com or you can sign up for my email list below.

That’s all for my introduction. Expect more very soon. 🙂

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