Our Iron-Clad Results Guarantee

First off, if you’re here, we want to say thank you for giving us a chance to serve you and be your guide in your business journey. 

We know you have a choice, so we don’t take it lightly that you’ve chosen us. 

If you ever need help, reach out to me at lucas@growthcave.com and I’ll offer you my personalized attention.

Second, if you’re worried about timing, remember that you get lifetime access the program, and you’re part of the Productized family now. 

We’re here to support you in your journey to financial freedom over the long term. 

If you ever need to take a break and come back, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

The Productized Profits 2022 program is eligible for a 60-Day Action-Based Money Back Guarantee. 

If you give me your best effort to implement my methods, and they don’t work for you, you’ll get 100% of your money back if you submit a request no later than 60 days after your purchase and you complete all the following action-based steps:

1. Watch the first 6 training modules of Productized Profits 2022

2. Attend just 2 live coaching calls and let us help you 1-on-1

3. Launch Productized Lead Generation ads for just 1 business owner and let us help you run them for 14 days

Again, you get a FULL 2 MONTHS to give this a shot and see if it’s the real deal.

Ultimately, the point of this policy is to give people the chance to use our system, and if it doesn’t work after you have implemented everything, you can get their money back.

It wasn’t designed to enable people to steal the training material or try it out and decide to go another direction, or use it for a little while and then get all their money back when something comes up in life (things always come up).

Commitment is the only thing that will get you results. 

If you get busy with life, don’t worry. 

You have lifetime access to the material and can come back at any time.

Please do not ask for a refund if you haven’t done the work. 

If it is clear that you did not attempt to implement the strategies taught in the course, your refund will be denied. However, we will still help and support you in order to get you results – as ultimately that’s the whole point of our system.

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