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Everything You Need To Start Your "Productized" Online Business And Get Your First High Ticket Client In 30 Days Or Less

Introducing Productized Profits™

Productized Profits is a proven and battle-tested 6 week implementation & mentorship program that teaches you how to start a wildly profitable 6-figure productized business and get your first client in 30 days.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training & mentorship program.

Check out what some of our students are saying…

Check Out Our Students' Results...

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Here's What Our Students Are Saying...

Our students aren't just satisfied, they have successful businesses and they're making money

Yousuf I. - The Best Decision He's Ever Made

David C. - First Client In 2 Weeks

Oscar V. - "Hands Down The Best Program"

Tom M. - From Skeptic To Success

Mark H. - 2 Clients In First 45 Days

Alex L. - Immediately Knew This Was Different

Grant T. - The Best Program He's Ever Joined

Bella B. - "Knew It Was The Right Decision!"

Andrew S. - A Real Online Business In 30 Days

Earl W. - Amazing Progress In First 4 Days

Ryan D. - From Nothing To 2 Clients Per Week

Tommy G. - "A Brilliant Program & Teacher!"

Jaylen C. - How To Escape The 9-5

Annie M. - Can't Say Enough Great Stuff!

Casey O. - Small Steps To Success

Sean K. - First Client In Only 2 Weeks

Nico B. - The Best Way To Make Money Online

Camella T. - Quit Her Job In Just 35 Days

Program Content

In just 30 days we'll help you start your own productized business from scratch, here's how...

  • How to completely rewire your brain for success and massive action
  • How to face your “dark side” and escape negative behavior patterns that limit your success
  • How to be the architect of your life and then reverse engineer it into daily action items
  • How to overcome the fear, anxiety, and doubt that plagues most entrepreneurs and paralyses them from taking action
  • Most people will NEVER master their mindset during their lifetime, we get your mind wired right in the first 7 days of the program
  • How to pick the perfect niche for you given your interests, skills, background, education, etc.
  • How to price your offer so it’s worth at least $2,000 – $4,000+ from day one
  • How to take a view on the market and differentiate yourself from the competition
  • How to craft a message that cuts through the noise in your niche and provokes them to take action
  • Most people spend YEARS on this stuff and still get it wrong. We get this dialed in for you just 14 days into the program!
  • How to get clients coming to you instead of you chasing them, using our battle-tested, proven strategies and automation frameworks. Step-by-step instructions, templates, over-the-shoulder examples, etc.
  • We want you to get your first few sales within the first 21 days of starting the program, and we do this using organic methods that are 100% free. Once you get your first few clients we start scaling up using paid methods.
  • We provide you with ALL of our proven funnels and automation templates that you can install into your own business with a single click
  • Most people spend 6 months – 1 year before they get their first client/sale. We help you get yours in the first 21 days!
  • How to convert total strangers into high paying clients with one phone call and zero follow up
  • I have done over 500 consultations and have truly mastered this. I took everything I’ve learned and refined it into a step-by-step methodology and script that anyone can follow to close sales regardless of their previous experience
  • How to handle objections, how to collect payment via credit card over the phone (I provide you with a merchant)
  • LIVE call breakdowns of me doing a play-by-play analysis of me actually closing real business owners over the phone
  • Knowing how to sell is a life or death skill as an entrepreneur and we get you to the top of the game in just 28 days!
  • At this stage of the training program you should already have a few clients. Now we show you step-by-step how to deliver amazing results for these clients with laser-targeted digital advertising campaigns.
  • My clients and I spend hundreds of thousands a month on Facebook and Google Ads, so you can be sure you’re getting the battle tested, “What’s Working TODAY” approach to wildly profitable digital advertising campaigns
  • You’ll also get access to our always-updating library of PROVEN plug-and-play funnels and automation sequences that you can install into your client campaigns with a single click.
  • Most people try digital advertising/marketing on their own and then give up after months of frustration. We get you going in 5 weeks!
  • In module 6 we show you how to automate damn near everything in your business as you begin to scale up
  • How to manage multiple clients and systemize the day-to-day operations and run your productized business like a well-oiled machine
  • Our asset library of marketing automations to put your business on autopilot, minimize your working hours, all while massively improve your results
  • Our database of proven, vetted, top 1% contractors to help you run your productized business without you doing all the work
  • All the legal assets you need for your productized business: client agreements, contracts, terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc. (Save $5,000+ in lawyer fees)

Here's A Summary Of Everything You Get

This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful.

Productized Profits™
  • 6-module online training program 
  • ClientBolt software suite
  • The Productized Business Mastermind community
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship via Facebook, 2x Q&A calls, email, etc.
  • Lifetime access

Backed By Our 100% Results Guarantee

Our training program is proven with countless testimonials. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 30-day action-based guarantee. All you have to do is apply my strategies with your best effort and if they don’t work for you, then you'll get a 100% refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the program? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers

Absolutely no previous experience or skills are required. The vast majority of our successful students got started as complete beginners (no sales experience, no digital marketing experience, no niche) and simply by following our program and mentorship they were able to build a successful business. 

We can help you do the exact same, even if you are a brand new beginner with no previous online business experience.

Yes it will work for you, we understand that most people are very busy and have full time jobs, families, commutes and hardly any free time.  We designed this program so that you can work through it even if you’re hard pressed for time.  You can listen to the trainings while driving, on the bus or even at your job with headphones in.  It doesn’t matter what your schedule is like, if you can set aside at least 2 hours per week you will be able to work your way through it.

Even if you can’t start right away… reserve your spot now and go at your own pace. These lessons aren’t live, they’re pre-recorded and available online inside our training portal.  You can login whenever you want, on your own time and on your own schedule.  If you’re asking about the Q&A calls, those are live and, yes we record and archive all of them.

So that totally depends on how quickly you work through the training program and how quickly you take action. Some people get clients and start making money within the first week of joining the program, others work their way through slowly and it takes longer.

On average, I would say it takes most people about 15-22 days to get everything set up and running, and to start seeing initial results from the program. After that, the sky is the limit 🙂

This program shows you how to start your own productized business by crafting your own offer. What this means is, we help you pick a niche based on your specific interests, history, etc.

I personally got started doing digital marketing for small business owners, helping them get more sales and customers using Facebook Ads. I show you exactly how I do this inside the training program, and show you how you can do the same, even if you are a complete beginner with no prior experience in digital marketing or online business.

First… I’ve been in this industry for 6 years, I’ve lived and breathed it every single day for those 6 years and never deviated. Marketing is my thing, it’s my art form.

But, the best way you can judge whether somebody is trustworthy and able to deliver results it by their commitment to their customers and THEIR results.

I have absolutely mastered my field and made hundreds of thousands of dollars using my skills, not only that but I’ve been able to transfer my skills to countless others and helped them achieve incredible levels of success.

You can see for yourself all of the results, testimonials, and case studies our students are sending in to us every single day. On this page alone we have dozens of screenshots and videos of normal, everyday people that have taken our system and used it to build their own wildly profitable online business.

This program is my life’s work, my results are proven, my students results are proven. There’s more proof that this works than there is proof that the world is round.

For information about PayPal’s credit offer, go here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-credit

You will be able to use PayPal as a checkout option on the signup form here: https://sales.growthcave.com/productized-profits/

You want to price on value not costs or time.  You should look at how much it’s costing your prospect to have this problem and what it would be worth to them to have the problem solved.  You want to make sure that you pick a niche that has a painful problem that people are willing to pay at least $2,000 to solve.  This program shows you exactly how to do that step-by-step.  I strongly advise everyone in my program to never price below $2,000 and I encourage them to charge more than that and many do.

As far as repeat clients… most people believe that problems are fixed once and then that’s it, but we all know that’s not true. There’s no such thing as fixing something once and forgetting about it, as soon as it’s fixed you must maintain it to make sure that it doesn’t break again.  This is where ongoing monthly retainers can work well, you fix the problem initially and then provide ongoing service from there. I show you exactly how to do this in Week 6 of the training.

We have dozens of students in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, all over Europe, South America, and Asia. The program has been proven to work worldwide, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection and it will work for you.

There’s no “magic niche”, you need to go through this process yourself and we teach you exactly how to do this in detail in the program.  It’s one of the first modules of the training for a reason, you don’t pick your niche and then join the program.  You join the program to pick your niche.  If we expected you to pick it before joining it wouldn’t be a module in the training program.  Don’t worry about picking your niche, join and then we figure that out together.  We have a full process for this.

We have students from dozens of different niches and industries.  From gyms to landscaping to real estate to horse dentistry, we have people in everything you can think of.  This program is designed as a framework that’s applicable to any industry/niche so whatever niche you’re in, the program will work for you.

Yes, we can offer you a payment plan so that you can pay this off over time.

And if you can’t afford a payment plan, I think you would agree that you need this program more than anyone. In fact, some of my most successful clients have had their back against the wall financially when they started (as did I).

So I want you to eliminate the thought “I can’t afford this” and instead replace it with “How can I afford this”

You need to get creative and think of how you can find the money.  There’s PayPal financingcredit cards, loans, parents, friends, family, you could even sell something and use the money from that. Don’t just use that excuse, get creative and start thinking of ways that you can make this work.  With the payment plan we offer you can get started today for just $597.  That’s all the money you need to get started right now, today.

We offer a 30-day action based results guarantee. You can read our full refund policy here.

The point of this policy is to give people the chance to use the system, and if it doesn’t work after they have implemented everything, they can get their money back.

It wasn’t designed to enable people to steal the training material or try it out and decide to go another direction, or use it for a little while and then get all their money back when something comes up in life (things always come up).

Commitment is the only thing that will get you results. If you get busy with life, don’t worry. You have lifetime access to the material and can come back at any time.

So, if you go through the program and do the things I show you and you still don’t get any clients, I’ll refund 100% of your investment in full, no questions asked.

This program is for all possible industries and niches.  It’s a program that’s designed to work for literally anything in the consulting, coaching and service providers space.  

We show you proven methods for picking your niche, finding out what their biggest problems are, offering a service that solves that problem, pricing that service, crafting a message that resonates well with the niche and then how to market it, sell it, deliver it.  

We cover literally everything from end to end and it works for any niche/industry.  We have successful students in dozens of different niches and you can see them all on this page (scroll up).

Use the chatbox in the bottom right of this page, or send me an email at lucas@growthcave.com and I’ll help you out.

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*The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of doing digital marketing for 5+ years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, this is not for you.

IMPORTANT EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Before you review our results, please understand our testimonials in no way reflect your results and are only to show the potential in Productized Profits. This is why we provide a 30 day action based guarantee to allow you to make sure this program is for you.

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