Hey, Lucas from Growth Cave here.

I wanted to share with you some of my absolute BEST material on running Facebook Ad campaigns for clients.

Here they are:

The 8 Figure Formula — the step-by-step framework we use on EVERY client we work with, regardless of their current business size or ad budget.

How to build email lists FAST with Facebook Ads — one of the best, most in-depth case studies I’ve ever written (humble opinion 😉).

[Video] Behind-the-scenes of a $30,000/month eCommerce store  — Title explains it. Showing you exactly how we put the 8 Figure Formula into practice for eCom stores.

[Video] How to run Facebook Ads for high-ticket products and services — Looking to rapidly scale your high-ticket coaching or consulting business? This video is a great primer on the funnel setup we use for clients, that is responsible for 10:1 returns on investment.

I hope you find these useful! And, it should go without saying that these resources should be kept private. Keep them to yourself and USE them to grow your business. 

And, if you’d like some help implementing them, click here to book a call with me and we can discuss a plan of attack 🙂

— Lucas